An exclusive Live Webinar

How to Host Retreats that Heal

Are you called to host retreats? Then you are called to change people's lives through the power of RELATIONSHIP and strategic, timely intervention.

In this 1-hour webinar, Jamie will teach secrets she has learned from hosting all kinds of retreats (both co-ed retreats, women's retreats, and even organizing men's retreats for her male staff to carry out).

In this class, Jamie will share both her successes and her mistakes from the many retreats she has hosted. But most of all, she will share the secrets to not just having a meeting--but hosting a retreat that brings HEALING to those who attend.

If you're called to host retreats, don't wait. Hospitality is a CALLING that goes hand-in-hand with healing, deliverance, freedom, and restoration. Learn the secrets from both Jamie's successes and failures, and step out to organize your very first RETREAT!

Hosted by Jamie
September 29th
13:00 EDT

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